Evolution of Parent and Child Bonding

It is believe that bonding is built upon human evolution. The evolution of mankind suggests that human has the instinct to protect himself for survival in his environment.


By human nature, man and woman have the ability to love. By nature, he or she has the urge to fight for survival not only for himself or herself, but also with the courage to protect the weaker ones. Hence, the stronger parents will naturally protect the younger from all danger.


This powerful bond is gradually built upon long period of time of being together. The parents understand the baby through observation of the child's facial expressions, movements and sounds. The parents learn this through experience in dealing with the baby.

A baby cries to prompt the parent, sending the signal over to the parent to seek for help for survival. Parent feels uneasy listening to this noise thus will respond to the need. This reaction to attend to this powerful signal of distress set the path for growth of the attachment and bonding.


Young children and toddlers, instead of cry, will make use of their appearance, things they do, how they respond, their ignorant and cuteness, to send signal to their parents to get their desired attention. These behaviours usually being felt not only by the parents but also by anyone around.


Typical normal adults have the kind-hearted nature to come to the children's aid whenever they need it. This is the evolution of bonding between the parent and child.
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